Province: DKI Jakarta Regency/City: Central Jakarta Subdistrict: Senen Video

Sweet at Dusk

In Senen subdistrict, there is a site where transactions take place so crowded at night until early morning, with specific types of merchandise: cakes. People know it “kue subu” (‘dawn cake’). In this video, the dawn cake visuals are a form of experimental material. The layers of space, movement of people, details of the body, as well as the lines and the form of color compositions are stunning artistic sights. This phenomenon is captured by using a cellphone camera and edited with a video art approach.

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Program of Community-Based Media Education and Empowerment or so-called AKUMASSA, is a program of media empowerment initiated by the Forum Lenteng since 2008, in collaboration with local communities in several regions in Indonesia, to conduct workshops and produce a variety of forms of communication media (texts, images, audios, and videos).

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