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Bujangan Urban Continued to “Bombard” the Walls in Bangsal

Written by akumassa
On February 18th, 2016, Bujangan Urban made a graffiti on the TK Pembina’s wall at Pemenang Subdistrict. The scale of this graffiti works is quite large and contains the inscription: “AKU DATANG UNTUK BERMAIN SAMBIL BELAJAR, AKU PULANG MENJADI ANAK PINTAR” (I came to play and learn, I went back as a smart child). The text was taken from a slogan that was on board on the wall of the school building. The execution of this work itself takes a few days, and Urban Bujangan did it almost every night. Interestingly, even when the work hadn’t yet completed, there had been several people who tried to take a picture of themself in fornt of the graffiti.

On February 24th, Bujangan Urban collaborated with Emet (a graffiti artist based in Mataram) also made a graffiti in the area of Bangsal Harbor: “DON’T WORRY BRO BANGSAL SAFE”.

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