BERNAS is a rubric containing special articles in the form of in-depth writings that focus on particular issues in a specific location. So far, there have been three series, namely “The Lake Singkarak” (Solok, West Sumatra), “The Ciujung River” (Lebak, Banten), and “Tourism of Bangsal” (North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara).

‘Days’ of the Service Sellers

Bangsal is an asset and a gate, the gate of North Lombok tourism towards the Three Gili. In a single day, hundreds of millions could be obtained. Well, if this is not managed properly, then we would become the spectators in Bangsal.

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Two Bridges

When the sun was going below the horizon, I continued to walk across the railway bridge which had length of approximately five hundred meters. I did not cross it alone. There were people who walked behind me, snaking through the gaping block of the railway bridge. Once in a while, my eyes saw the...

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Comic House

The ups and downs of this business remained consistent even though it moved several times. Until late 1990s, this business still survived. But since the owner was already old, the number of books continued to decrease and she had no successor, this comic rental went bankrupt in 1997.

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Eretan, the Villages Connector

Eretan connected two villages, Babakan Seeng and Lebak Pasar Village. The conflict among residents about eretan and the operational track occured because there were too many eretan drivers, while the passengers only came from two villages.

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Unclear Blue Print, Gloomy Future

If the interested parties do not really think about the need to consider the quality of human resources, the readiness of natural resources and the thoughtful and good strategy for the development, then the thing that is expected by all parties will not be able to be realized optimally.

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