akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

Making the Rengka

LOMBOK UTARA, 25 Februari, 2016: beberapa anggota Gerbong Tua membuat rengka untuk Bangsal Menggawe.
Written by akumassa
Afew days ago, Sibawaihi went to Gerbong Tua, a youth community in Karang Desa backwood which is engaged in various social fields. Every moonlight night, the group holds a regular meeting with the members. Sibawaihi take a chance to chat with them and socialize the Bangsal Menggawe 2016: Membasaq. One thing that was becoming an important conversation that night was about making rengka. Rengka are replicas of objects created in such a way, made of bamboo or wood, which is then decorated with trinkets. Additionally, rengka is usually filled by a variety of foods.

That night, Gerbong Tua, as one of the active organizations in Pemenang, agreed to engage in Bangsal Menggawe 2016: Membasaq’s activities. In addition, they also agreed to make the rengka as their dedication for Pemenang. The rengka has been being made at the home of one of its members, Tarja. They plan to create a replica of berugaq as the rengka, which will be paraded at the parade of Bangsal Menggawe 2016.

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