Ahmad Saleh Tabibudin

b. 1991. He lives and works in West Lombok. He is active in the theater at Sasentra and SFN Labs. In 2015, he became one of the participants in the workshop of Art Critics, Jakarta, organized by ruangrupa and the Jakarta Arts Council. Asta, his nickname, also writes about arts development in West Nusa Tenggara.


Baiq Ilda Karwayu

b.1993. She lives and works in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. She studies English in FKIP, University of Mataram. Baiq is a writer and poet. In 2013, she was involved in the project of anthology of Indonesian women writers community (KPPI), and of 17 Eastern Indonesian women writers. She is one of the poets in the Taman Pitanggang (2015).

Bujangan Urban

Bujangan Urban

b. 1985, Bujangan Urban, subsequently known as ‘Jablay’, studied Visual Communication at Interstudi since 2003, and since then also joined Artcoholic, a street-artcommunity that is actively responding to public spaces in Jakarta. Many of his works can be found in different public spaces in the city, generally in the form of personal massages in graffiti, murals, and stencils. Besides making such art works, he has also established a digital band named Racun Kota, or City Poison. His first solo exhibition is Yang Sombong Dimakan Djaman Yang Songong Dimakan Teman  at The RURU gallery, Jakarta in 2008. In 2015, he was one of participants in Visual Jalanan Exhibition: Bebas Tapi Sopan at National Gallery.


Gelar Soemantri

b. 1986. He lives and works in Jakarta. He was graduated from IISIP Jakarta, majoring Journalism. He is a video artist and filmmaker. One of members of Forum Lenteng. In Forum Lenteng, he is a Program Coordinator of Halaman Papua. As a filmmaker, he is the co-director of Elesan Deq A Tutuq (2013) together with Syaiful Anwar. His works have been presented at various national and international events, among others: in the Image Festival, Toronto, Canada (2011); and Sidang Hans Bague: Pameran Multimedia Tentang Heboh Sastra 1968, Galeri Cemara, Jakarta (2013). Now, he is also developing an art lab project together with fellow artists, namely Turn Left After Sunday Market.


Hujjatul Islam

b. 1984. He lives and works in North Lombok. Jatul, his nickname, is one of talented artist (painter) of North Lombok. In addition to painting, he is also active as a member of pasirputih.


Ismal Muntaha

b. 1987. He lives and works in Jatiwangi, Majalengka Regency. Ismal Muntaha work in Jatiwangi as a researcher on clay culture at a division of Jatiwangi Art factory. His last exhibition is “Made in the Commons” in Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale together Jatiwangi art Factory in 2014. Currently he is embarking on a long-term art project called “Neighborhood”, as well as music project Tarling Padi.


Khairunnas Mahadi

b. 1987. He is West Nusa Tenggara-based theatre artist. Since 2007, he has been actively involved as a theater actor in BKSM-WITNESSES IAIN Mataram. Until now, he is still actively involved in various projects related to the theater, among others, along with Teater Cadik Mataram, Laboratorium Teater Mataram (LTM) and also Teater LHO Indonesia.



b. 1962. He lives and works in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. He is an artist and dalang (puppeteer). He is one of the founders of the School of Pedalangan Wayang Sasak, Sesela Village, Gunung Sari Subdistrict, West Lombok Regency.


Syamsul Fajri

b. 1977. He lives and works in West Nusa Tenggara. He is a media artist, poet and theater performers. In 2013, he founded SFNlabs, an independent platform which focuses on the exploration and experimentation of theater and performance art. Through SFNlabs, Fajri has realized various theater and performance art events, among others Seni Desa Pemenang Timur Festival 2014, HumnME Project (2014), and Left Wing Brigade Project (2014).


Sulung Widya Prasastyo

b. 1985. He lives and works in Yogyakarta. He is an artist. He is one of the Ace House Collective members, an art labs established by several 2000s’ young artists. His work had been presented at various art events, among others: Comic Demonic, Portico, Jakarta (2011); Comic On Envelope, Kedai Belakang, Yogyakarta (2011); and Masih Ada Gus Dur, Langgeng Galeri, Magelang (2010). In 2015, his group, Ace House Collective, became one of participants participated in Visual Jalanan Exhibition: Bebas Tapi Sopan at National Gallery.

The Broy

Syarief Rausanzani

b. 1991. Now he lives and works in Jakarta. He is an artist (drawing), comic and street artists. He is the owner of an Instagram account, @thebroy, where he publishes most of his drawing works.