Muhammad Ghozali


b. 1983. He lives and works in West Pemenang Subdistrict, North Lombok. He graduated Shariah studies at IAIN Mataram.

He is one of the founders pasirputih, and now serves as the General Director. Together with pasirputih, Ghozali develops a lot of activities that involve local citizens in North Lombok, one of which is Bioskop pasirputih: regular screening program of world cinema independently developed by pasirputih.

muhammad sibawaihi


b. 1988. He lives and works in North Lombok. Sibawaihi is a writer, researcher, art and media activist. He is also one of prominent young intellectuals in North Lombok now. Currently, he serves as Program Director of pasirputih.

In 2014, Sibawaihi became one of participants in the workshop of Art Critics & Young Indonesian Curator organized by the Jakarta Arts Council. Sibawaihi also contributes as one of main authors for akumassa Bernas.

Manshur Zikri


b. 1991. He lives and works in Jakarta. He graduated of Criminology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia. Zikri is a writer, researcher, critic and film curator. Currently he is active as Program Executive for the Forum Lenteng’s akumassa.

In 2014, he visited the Impakt in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in the framework of curator exchange program between ruangrupa and Impakt. In addition to his personal blog, some of his essays on arts, films and media have been published on several websites which focus to the same field.