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Asta Met Mr. Isnaini and Mr. Novi

LOMBOK UTARA, 13 Februari, 2016: Ahmad Saleh Tabibudin AKA Asta (salah seorang partisipan akumassa Chronicle) sedang berbincang dengan Pak Isnaini, pegiat olahraga di Pemenang.
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To confirm his idea for his artwork, that is to organize “beach football competition”, thus on February 13th 2016, Ahmad Saleh Tabibudin AKA Asta (a participant of akumassa Chronicle) visited some public figures in Pemenang who are in charge in sport field. In the art project of akumassa Chronicle, Asta would like to conduct a monolog performance in the form of football competition named Bangsal Cup 2016. For Asta, the aspect of the monolog performance will happen when some citizens whom he invite in this project do their jobs as a commentator of each match. And the competition itself is planned to be held at the beach located in the East side of the Bangsal Harbor’s dock. It will be conducted in the form of mini football match, in which there will be teams consist of 5 player and 3 subtitutes.

The first figure whom Asta met was Noviardi, a sport teacher at one of elementary school in Pemenang. In addition, Noviardi is one of football referees who actively develop the sport of football in Pemenang. From his discussion with Noviardi, Asta got many inputs about anyone that they could invite to participate in Bangsal Cup 2016. Noviardi also advised Asta to meet Mr. Isnaini, the only one from Pemenang who has succeeded to become a national football referee.

Asta met Mr. Isnaini at his house. After he heard Asta’s explanation about the idea of beach football competition, Mr. Isnaini was really happy and welcomed the plan to conduct Bangsal Cup 2016. He even said that he was ready to be a committee member and participate to organize the techincal meeting that will be held on Monday, February 15th, at pasirputih’s office. In addition, from Mr. Isnaini, Asta also got so many informations about football worlds of Pemenang.

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