akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

“Tari Sireh” (Sireh Dance): The Broy’s Mural

LOMBOK UTARA, 29 Januari, 2016: "Tari Sireh" (2016) karya Syarief Rausanzani AKA The Broy (berkolaborasi dengan warga lokal) di Dusun Tebango Bolot, Desa Pemenang Timur, Kecamatan Pemenang, Lombok Utara.
Written by Manshur Zikri
One of participants of akumassa Chronicle, Syarief Rausanzani aka The Broy, executed a mural project in Tebango Bolot Backwoods, East Pemenang Village. He chose a water tank in that area as a space where he then made his mural work. The work itself represented the symbolic meaning about life culture of Buddhists in Tebango Bolot.

Collaborated with children in Tebango Bolot, on 25 to 29 of January, 2016, The Broy made a mural which depict Sireh Dance, a traditional dance of Tebango Bolot. In addition, The Broy also made a Buddha character on the wall of Mr. Kemi’s shop. Mr. Kemi is one of public figures in that backwoods. The process making of the mural works was finished and now it becomes a beautiful decoration for Tebango Bolot. For the next, The Broy are planning to continue his project in such backwoods by drawing the school’s wall.

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