akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

Nash and The Broy Met Mr. Iri

LOMBOK UTARA, 25 Januari, 2016: Khairunnas Mahadi dan Syarief Rausanzani (AKA The Broy) berkunjung ke rumah Pak Iri, warga Dusun Karang Desa.
Written by akumassa
On January 25th, 2016, two participants of akumassa Chronicle, Khairunnas Mahadi and Syarief Rausanzani (AKA The Broy) visited Mr. Iri’s house, a local residents of Karang Desa Backwoods. They shared stories about citizens life as well as daily hobbies. Mr. Iri is known as one of creative persons in Karang Desa who often mobilise people to hold various events. The visit was part of field trip agenda in two days, for all participants (artists and writers) need to find inspirations for their respective artworks.

Nash, nickname of Khairunnas, as an artist of pantomime, were chatting with children who see them at that time. They enthusiastically listened to Nash’s jokes. Nash is indeed known by his comical stories.

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