akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

Gelar Met Mr. Wahid

LOMBOK UTARA, 26 Januari, 2016: Gelar Soemantri, salah satu partisipan akumassa Chronicle, berkunjung ke rumah Pak Wahid, salah seorang warga Dusun Karang Baru. [Kiri ke kanan: Muhammad Gozali (Direktur pasirputih), Wahid Hasyim, dan Gelar Soemantri].
Written by akumassa
On January 26th, 2016, Gelar Soemantri, a video artist involved in akumassa Chronicle project, visited Mr. Wahid’s house, an entrepreneur of cable TV in Karang Baru Backwoods, East Pemenang Village, Pemenang Subdistrict. Gelar has a plan to invite Mr. Wahid working in collaboration to make video works.

During the visit, Gelar looked at several tools owned by Mr. Wahid in managing his bussiness. The guy who has four hundreds customers, in fact, was self-taught in learning how to operate the video tools. Gelar, together with Syamsul Hadi (a member of pasirputih) then shared the stories and ideas related to design of the works that they will make later. For Gelar, Mr. Wahid is an artist, because he had seen and heard himself how Mr. Wahid creatively distribute moving images to all residents in his village. “He’s even better than a profesional media-artist like me,” Gelar said. “OK. Video should invite this guy!”

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