Rangkasbitung: A Piece of Tale

Original Title: Dongeng Rangkas | Year: 2011 | Duration: 75 minutes | Technical Specification: color, stereo, PAL, 16:9 | Language: Indonesia & Sunda | Subtitles: English | Target Audience: 17+


Rangkasbitung: A Piece of Tale is a piece of story which has been taken from two young men from Rangkasbitung – it’s a small town which has a distance 120 kilometers from the capital city of Jakarta. Kiwong and Iron have a profession as a tofu sellers. Kiwong sells tofu in the economy train of Rangkasbitung to Jakarta while Iron sells the fresh tofu in the traditional Rangkasbitung market.

Those character are portraits of young generation from post Reformation in 1998 where Indonesia was a country which had been reigned by military regime before, and turn to be a large democratic country in the world. That transformation of the social politic had been impacted to Kiwong and Iron. Kiwong was a young man who graduated from Muslim school and a crackerjack who lived in the street in Jakarta. He still believes to the tradition of Banten’s “whiz”, it’s a magic power and physical which he has believed in overcoming his problems. Meanwhile, Kiwong has chose a profession as a tofu seller in the train that thought it’s better for him. He hopes he will live better for his family.

Iron, who has got a heritage about the tradition from his family to be a tofu seller, produced fresh tofu for himself to sell in the traditional market, he’s also an underground metal musician. He believes that music is a gift from God and able to be something in improving himself. Iron doesn’t believe in publicity, and he’d rather to choose to play music only on the stage than publicity itself. Nowadays, he choose to be One Finger Metal genre who cares with the muslim matters.

Rangkasbitung : A Piece of Tale is a cultural portrait of the Rangkasbitung itself. The town which has became well known of Multatuli (Douwes Dekker) writing about colonialism era of Netherland. The repressive time in the colonial government to the Indonesian citizen long time ago.

About Film

Rangkasbitung: A Piece of Tale is a documentary film that constitutes an attempt of our colletive friends haveing interests in local issues and record them in audio-visual media, to be distributed to the community as public knowledge. In an effort to record such local issues, this feature documentary format was considered as one of the most effective ways of presenting and building shared awareness.

The production of the Rangkasbitung: A Piece of Tale was held for 3 months (May - July 2011), which involved documentary filmmakers from Forum Lenteng (Jakarta) and Saidjahforum (Rangkasbitung, Lebak). The shooting process was carried out in the village of Muara Village, Ciujung River Region, Rangkasbitung Subdistrict, and at the Rangkasbitung Train Station.

So far, the Rangkasbitung: A Piece of Tale can be considered the only feature documentary that is present and produced in Rangkasbitung. This is expected to be a trigger for the development of the film industry in Rangkasbitung and surrounding areas.

Film Crew

Cameraman: Syaiful Anwar & Fuad Fauji | Cameraman Assistant: Andang Kelana & Badrul Munir | Interviewers: Badrul “Rob” Munir, Andang Kelana, Fuad Fauji, Helmi Darwan & Zainudin “Dableng” | Editors: Hafiz & Syaiful Anwar | Sound Mixing: H. Sutan Pamuncak | Color Correcting: Ari Dina Krestiawan | Documentation: Badrul Munir, Fuad Fauji, Zainudin “Dableng”, Bima Mulia, Aboy Sirait, Andang Kelana, Litbang Forum Lenteng & Litbang Saidjah Forum | Location Manager: Helmi Darwan | Location Manager Assistant: Aboy Sirait & Kuni Ahmed
Production Manager: Otty Widasari | Producer: Hafiz Rancajale