JOURNAL is a rubric containing articles written by members of the participating communities of the AKUMASSA workshop and other contributors. This rubric theme, in general, is about small narratives, locations, and mass events that are scattered in the daily lives of the writers.

Fishermen from Bedulan

Skin smells fishy, burnt and moldy. Sharp eye with a thirst looked at to the women across at the pier. They could not stand their mouth to tease them in between long smoke blowed of kretek (clove) cigarettes. About ten crewmembers down one by one from the boat dock just landed after six months at...

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A Rich King in a Nonarable Land

andublatung, a small town in Blora Regency, Central Java, is like a dull pearl on a king’s crown covered by dust. This small town is a part of Cepu Block (oil and gas contract area) and is located in the middle of the best quality teak forest. The community has never had a chance to benefit from...

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Lime at Dark Land

It is called Tanah Hitam (Dark Land). A sub district at the foot of Tui Hill, a lime hill mined by public as a source of life. A terrifying landslide occurred in 1987. The local community called it ‘Galodo’. There were many victims then, and many stories were kept.

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Barokah Restaurant, A Bunch of Love Story, and...

It was a mango season. At every house I visited I was served mangoes. It was a pleasure, even though they caused a little problem to my digesting system. Randublatung District, Blora Regency. I estimated the heat reached 35 degrees Celsius. The sun blazed everyday, and the heat and humid air...

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A Story about a Journey on the Bengawan Train

A few minutes later the clutter had been over. It seemed that the child who was stuck had gotten the help. But, only a few seconds later, came out another scream from another woman. “…My money is lost!!! Huh…where is my money, it was inside my pocket, but now my pocket is torn, somebody tore my...

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Never Give Up Red Fabric

“Scary!” that was the first word that came out of Ageung’s mouth when she saw Mr. Tris, who wore a shroud costume. “Funny,” that word was also from Ageung when she saw balloon and New Year trumpets were hung from the back of Mr. Tris’s waist. Shroud with balloon and trumpets, between scary and...

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