Regency/City: Sukabumi Regency

The Election and the Three Sisters

In the middle of this big problem, the closeness between family members felt more, and so did the level of religiosity, to the mystical level. They kept repeating the story of wird and tahajjud that had been done continuously to save the son’s fate. Anything would be done for him, even selling...

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I believe, certainly the people’s paradigm in my hometown wouldn’t be that bad without any cause. Now I came to think about it, here was the connection. It was because some government policies and the presence of the businessmen who exploited people brought out the structural poverty. Because they...

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Traveling Bank

However, because the salary is not enough to cover the daily needs, so borrowing money without collateral becomes the endless solution. And the laziness to gather around uttering the pledge every Wednesday has to be put away whether they want to or not.

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