akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

akumassa Chronicle Visited the Local Government Offices

LOMBOK UTARA, 18 Januari, 2016: akumassa Chronicle bertamu ke Kantor Bupati Lombok Utara, menemui Sekretaris Daerah [Kiri ke kanan: Otty Widasari, Muhammad Gozali, Suardi (Sekda Lombok Utara), Andang Kelana, Arief Yudi, Muhammad Sibawaihi]
Written by akumassa
At January 18, 2016, 9 to 11 am (WITA), akumassa Chronicle visited the local officials: West Pemenang Village Office, East Pemenang Village Office, and Pemenang Subdistrict Office. It was in the framework of building a friendship between the pasirputih and the local government as well as to socialize our project to all local government administrators for the sake of good fluency of this one-and-a-half-months event. That visit was conducted by Muhammad Gozali and Muhammad Sibawaihi (pasirputih), accompanied by Andang Kelana (Forum Lenteng), to introduce our curators, Otty Widasari and Arief Yudi. The Headman of West Pemenang Village Syukri, The Headman of East Pemenang Village Maknun, and The Chairman of Pemenang Subdistrict Fahri, gave a positive responce to this project plan and welcomed the akumassa Chronicle. For them, the initiative by Forum Lenteng and pasirputih should be considered as a method that could be develop Pemenang Subdistrict’s local potential, especially in respect to the issue of traditional culture, tourism, social life and alternative education in this area where Bangsal Harbour exists.

At 2 pm (WITA), our team came to Regent’s Office of North Lombok Regency located in Tanjung Village, Tanjung Subdistrict, to meet the Regional Secretary of North Lombok Regency, Mr. Suardi. In that visit, Mr. Suardi discussed with our curators the recent development of actual issues in North Lombok. as well as all kinds of possibility that could be realized to make art practices as an alternative method to harmonize the relationship between government and citizens in developing North Lombok Regency together. As the Regional Secretary who represent Local Gaovernment of North Lombok, Suardi also support pasirputih and Forum Lenteng to conduct this project.