Province: DKI Jakarta Regency/City: Central Jakarta Subdistrict: Senen Video

To the North

Senen subdistrict is adjacent to Johar subdistrict, while both are facing Kemayoran subdistrict, separated by a big ditch. In Tanah Lotahan Village, Johar subdistrict, not far from Senen, the activity of people spending time in the afternoon on the edge of the ditch, which is their homy terrace, is a natural sight. Simple, but enjoyed so luxuriously. In fact, there’s a house where the owner and some of his friends enjoyed the afternoon by playing the organ while the neighbours were playing pigeons.

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Program of Community-Based Media Education and Empowerment or so-called AKUMASSA, is a program of media empowerment initiated by the Forum Lenteng since 2008, in collaboration with local communities in several regions in Indonesia, to conduct workshops and produce a variety of forms of communication media (texts, images, audios, and videos).

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