Province: DKI Jakarta Regency/City: Central Jakarta Subdistrict: Senen Video

The Rainmaker

The hustle and bustle of citizens in a neighbourhood surrounds badminton courts, jointly owned as a public space, to which four corners of the alley are interconnected, meeting at one point where community empowerment activities run. The Ondel-ondel danced, circling the Lapangan Perintis in the village of Paseban. The female in pink and the male in blue. Their faces are similar, both have long dresses and sling. It’s just different on the makeup, the female ondel-ondel doesn’t have a moustache. All people’s attention was drawn to the two figures, so that the crowds dispersed slowly, then quiet, when the rain poured on the earth, but actually people actually welcomed the rain.

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Program of Community-Based Media Education and Empowerment or so-called AKUMASSA, is a program of media empowerment initiated by the Forum Lenteng since 2008, in collaboration with local communities in several regions in Indonesia, to conduct workshops and produce a variety of forms of communication media (texts, images, audios, and videos).

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