Province: DKI Jakarta Regency/City: Central Jakarta Subdistrict: Senen Video

Senen at Noon

Senen Market is a very crowded place. Multi-storey building as a shopping center where you can buy anything. Thousands of people, traders and buyers, throng the Senen Market everyday. In such situation, there was a small chamber, next to a public toilet, which was functionalized as a praying space for muslims. Due to its condition and the room design, the direction of Qibla then faced the toilet’s door. Senen at Noon tried to frame the specific location as a way to reflect about the space availability for public interest.

Senen at Noon is a video work produced by akumassa in the akumassa Ad hoc Project in 2013. This project was initiated in the framework of participating the 15th Jakarta Biennale 2013: SIASAT.

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