akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

Second Pantomime Performances of Nash

Written by akumassa
On February 16th-18th, 2016, Khairunnas Mahadi a.k.a Nash Ja’una did his second pantomime performances at the Bangsal in the framework of akumassa Chronicle. There were three works that he performed respectively from the first day: Pemenang Yang Baik Hati, Polong, and Di Bangsal Kita Berjumpa.

The third day, the day he was performing Di Bangsal Kita Berjumpa, was coincided with monologue performances of Ahmad Saleh Tabibuddin a.k.a Asta which is part of Asta’s Bangsal Cup series for akumassa Chronicle. Hence, in his action, Nash asked children who was crowding watching his performance to collaborate. Two of them who were brave to come forward, played soccer (in pantomime) together with Nash. Their action was succeed attract and entertain people.

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