akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

Presentation of Curatorial Theme

LOMBOK UTARA, 22 Januari 2016: presentasi tema kuratorial akumassa Chronicle. Mengunjungi Pantai Sira. [Kiri ke kanan: Hamdani, Syamsul Hadi, Ahmad Saleh Tabibudin, Khairunnas Mahadi, Sandra Buhler, Muhammad Gozali, Ahmad Humaedi, Baiq Ilda Karwayu, Gelar Soemantri, Syarief Rausanzani, Hujjatul Islam, Syamsul Fajri, Sulung Widya Prasetyo].
Written by akumassa
At Friday, January 22th, 2016, the two curators, Otty Widasari and Arief Yudi, gave a brief presentation on curatorial theme of akumassa Chronicle of North Lombok to all participants. There were two sessions. First, Otty Widasari explained the history of thoughts and perspective of akumassa itself, that is from its earlier implementation in 2008 to 2015 which use a framework of media literacy, and then in 2016 it’s initiated a new project which use discipline of arts as a whole. Arief Yudi then continued the session. He gave a comment to participants’ presentation in the previous day. Generally, Otty and Arief emphasized that there’s an significant need for akumassa Chronicle to find newness or innovation in art form and strategies.

Based on their notes related to observation they did a few days before, and to contextualize it with all possibilities of participants’ art practice, it seemed that akumassa Chronicle took a concern on how to assess human potential (in the local context of Pemenang). From this point of view, it will be more effective to combine all simple activities as an amplifying in order to make Pemenang as a main actor. Therefore, mass mobilization was also one of issues discussed in that session. Also, the session aimed to question regarding to basics, such as what art is, what public is, what empowerment is, etc. The discussion lasted until at 3 pm. Considering that they still had a time, all participants decided to do a field trip to some areas that interesting for them to get an idea or inspirations. One of the locations they visited was Sira Beach.

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