akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

pasirputih’s Presentation to Participants

LOMBOK UTARA, 25 Januari, 2016: pasirputih memberikan presentasi tentang Kecamatan Pemenang ke hadapan partisipan dan kurator akumassa Chronicle.
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At January 25th, 2016, as a host of akumassa Chronicle of North Lombok, pasirputih gave a presentation on situation and condition of Pemenang Subdistrict, North Lombok Regency. As a organization which has been studying several issues of Pemenang since 2010, pasirputih has so many informations and data regarding to all problems in all villages, including information about local key figures who reliable to be involved in this project.

They started by mapping the Pemenang Subdistrict, especially the ten backwoods in the area of ‘Pemenang Kota’ (City Pemenang), a term used to call the center and the busiest area of Pemenang. The Director of pasirputih Muhammad Gozali, together with the Program Director of pasirputih Muhammad Sibawaihi, explained all of issues. From the frictions happened in Bangsal Harbour, areas which have local traditional art, local collectives which have concerns about Pemenang, even to several creative people (among others: Mr. Wahid, an cable television entrepreneurs, or Mr. Adjam, a songwriter about Pemenang). The presentation helped participants to specify their frame in making artworks.

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