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Malin Kundang at the Bioskop pasirputih

Written by akumassa
In the evening of Saturday, February 13th, 2016, pasirputih organized a film screening. The film was Malin Kundang (1971) by D. Djajakusuma. At the time was the third event of Bioskop pasirputih, a screening program which is part of the Program of Education and Dissemination of Knowledge owned by pasirputih. The Bioskop pasirputih is also part of akumassa Chronicle at North Lombok. Bioskop pasirputih itself is a new form of Pekan Sinema which once conducted before they moved to the new office.

In its first event of Bioskop pasirputih held on January 3th, pasirputih screened the Syaiful Anwar’s Elesan Deq A Tutuq (2013). The second event held on February 6th, pasirputih screened Usmar Ismail’s Tiga Dara (1956). Of the three events, they screened the film in the open space so that people can watch the film with free.

Malin Kundang in fact was very enthused by the viewers. This was proven by their enthusiasm to watch the movie until the end. It was different with the previous screenings in which the atmosphere usually becomes deserted in the middle of the screening. It’s an important thing for pasirputih, in order to screen the film that can be comfortable to be watched but still has good quality in term of film theory and criticism.

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