Province: DKI Jakarta Regency/City: Central Jakarta Subdistrict: Senen Video


Recording the atmosphere at an old movie theater, Grand Theater Senen, located in Senen Subdistrict, Central Jakarta, Imaginati is a visual narration of subaltern space where social aberrations were as a concrete manifestation of stereotypical images of “second-class cinema”. The manifestation was inherent in the architectural landscape of the cinema which ironically its existence was started to be ‘ignored’ by a majority of the people of the city who are now more familiar with mainstream commercial cinema. Imaginati tried to frame the memory and speculation over the location through citizens’ dailylife who have contact with the theater everyday.

Imaginati (2013) is a video work priduced by akumassa in akumassa Ad hoc Project. The project was organized in the framework of participating the 15th Jakarta Biennale 2013: SIASAT.

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