akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

Ilda Met Mr. Adjam

Written by akumassa
At January 26th, 2016, one of participants of akumassa Chronicle, Baiq Ilda Karwayu, visited Mr. Najamudin’s house, one of local residents in Karang Baru Backwoods. Mr. Najamudin (people usually call him Mr. Adjam) is known as a local musician who had create and arranged some songs about North Lombok. Together with Muhammad Sibawaihi (Program Director of pasirputih) and Otty Widasari (curator of akumassa Chronicle), Baiq Ilda Karwayu asked Mr. Adjam to collaborate making artworks.

Although at the time the electricity was cut off in the area Pemenang, we talk cheerfully in Mr. Adjam’s house. In her planning, Ilda, who is herself a poet, are going to do a research on local songs of children in Pemenang Subdistrict. She will rewrite the lyrics and then, together with Mr. Adjam, arrange the tones and music form. The outputs of this action is to be sung by a group of mothers named Srikandi KLU and children from several kindergartens in Pemenang. All of them are going to be involved in this Ilda’s art project. Mr. Adjam were interested to the idea because, as a local residents in Pemenang, he still has a chance to expose Pemenang by means of creating music artworks.

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