akumassa chronicle 2016 Regency/City: North Lombok

akumassa Chronicle Visited SMK N 1 Pemenang

LOMBOK UTARA, 29 Januari, 2016: akumassa Chronicle mengunjungi SMK Negeri 1 Pemenang. [Dari kiri ke kanan: Ahmad Humaedi, Arief Yudi, Muhammad Gozali, dan Bapak Sweca (Kepala Sekolah)]
Written by akumassa
At January 29, 2016, Arief Yudi (the curator of akumassa Chronicle) together with Muhammad Gozali (Director of pasirputih) and Ahmad Humaedi (member of pasirputih) visited SMK Negeri 1 Pemenang, to meet the Headmaster, Mr. Sweca. They introduced pasirputih’s programs and akumassa Chronicle project, while Mr. Sweca shared his thought about school and Pemenang.

Mr. Sweca himself was really enthusiastic with the main idea of akumassa Chronicle. Responded to the invitation to work in collaboration, Mr. Sweca said that his school will be ready to support and to engaged in the project. Based on the discussion, SMK N 1 Pemenang will provide a chance in other days for akumassa Chronicle to meet all students, following up our plan to involve them in our several activities during this project.

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